Why Do People Write?

Spending the holiday at home
Doing nothing but sleeping, eating, watching TV, playing games, and (off course) writing
One question just popped up in my head
Why do people write?
Since I've visited many blogs
People are writing so many things with different topics
Some people wrote about their daily lives
Some people wrote about their jobs
Some others wrote about their children
And there're still so many variety of topics
Actually, why do people write?
Is it because of something we called "actualization"
They want to be known.
Or is it just because they want to express their feeling?
Because it seems that today it's very difficult to find someone who can listen and understand what we are saying
Whatever the reasons people write, I think I have to say thanks to the blog maker
I have to admit, reading blogs are fun
And writing is fun also...
So, people.....happy writing.....express your feeling....


  1. yah, menulis itu mengasikkan. kalo saya menulis utk mengekspresikan diri, menyatakan buah pikiran dan mencurahkan unek2.

  2. yup, blogging emang mengasyikkan...
    kita bisa mencurahkan segalanya lewat blog yaa

  3. halo Tante Eka...
    datang ya, ke acara ulang tahunnya Dija yang ke setengah
    besok acaranya, tanggal 23 september
    ada giveawaynya juga lhooo


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