Between Women and Hairs

What women want?
That's Mel Gibson's question in one of his movie titled the same.
Hm.....kinda tricky question, huh....
Some people says, women want to look beautiful.
They will do anything to make their appearance magnificant
One of it is doing something with their hair.
I do think that hair is one thing that can make women feel confident.
Without any offense, no matter how high your self-confidence is, you will not feel comfortable if you have not so good hair condition
They even have a term about it, which is bad hair day
Well, if you care about your hair, you might want to try visit this site.
It can give you some opinion and choices about your hair treatment
And one more advice, no matter how desperate you are about your hair condition, don't you ever try to do something like this woman did in the picture *just kidding*

So, have a nice trip visiting this site and enjoy doing experiment with your hair.

note: picture taken from this site


  1. ya, kalo rambut bermasalah bete banget rasanya

  2. sorry for not visiting that site because of our internet connection here. btw, i agree that hair makes confidence.


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