Blogspot VS Wordpress

My company decided to make a website
And because it's still a trial project, we decided to use free domain.
Well, I am familiar with blogspot
That's why I suggest to use blogspot and then I made it.
My colleague has another opinion
He said that blogspot is usually being used by personal
And for company or institution, usually people choose wordpress.
Because the layout is more formal
(He also say that it's better if I don't put the widget such as feeding animal or chat box (like the one I used in the blog. :))
After I saw the site he made by using wordpress, I agree that we will use wordpress instead of blogspot.
May be it's not because wordpress is better than blogspot,
it's just because he made the site better than me
But then, after few days, a problem came up
When I upload a picture/photo, there will be some commercial / advertisement from Google or other link.
We (me and my partner) don't know why
In my experiences using blogspot, it never happen
Since I never use wordpress, I don't know how to handle this.
So, until now, we still confuse which one to use.
Any suggestion anyone???


  1. mewnding blogspot deh. kalo wp suka gak ramah sama pengunjung. komentar pengunjung sering dibilang spam

  2. wah... aku juga lebih memilih Blogspot... kayaknya lebih mudah daripada WP

  3. @all: hehehe....2-0 (3 dink, khan aku juga milih blogspot juga sebenernya...) untuk kemenangan blogspot....I'll surely show this comments to my colleague then...hahahahaha....


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