Be Careful of What You Wish For

So, the story started with my wish to gain weight
I've been wanting to gain weight for a very long time ago
Since I 've lived in Indonesia, I always want to gain some weight
I did a lot of thing to gain weight: eat a lot, drink milk twice a day, sleep a lot (hahaha), etc, etc
But there's no result
It seems that all food that I consumed just disappeared without any trace
This year something happen
I (finally) gained weight
A lot of weight!!!
And it's all only in one part of my body, stomach!!!!
I got a lot of addition in my stomach
Oh no!!!
I guess my body only want to absorb American food since I just lived in America for 4 month but I've gained more than 8 pounds
Suddenly I become so worry about my weight
Usually I never think before I eat
I just consume everything I want
I always very confident that I won't gain any weight
Now, I always want to measure my weight every time I had a chance
I guess I have to be careful for my wish
(and food I consumed :p)