VLC Media Player...Love it....

I love watching movie.
Especially the free movies (who don't, huh??? :p)
To get the free movies, usually I browse the Internet and download it.
Youtube is one of my favourite web to look for movies.
After search the movie on youtube, I will use keepvid or Internet Download Manager to get the movies.
Usually the format offered by keepvid is more than one.
So, I can use which format suit to my laptop

Well, refer to my title, VLC Media Player...Love it.... I love to use VLC media player to play the movies I've downloaded before.
Because it supports all format.
I can use it to watch any format of movies.
One more about it.
The application is not too heavy like the other application.
It's also simple.
So, when it come to choose media player, VLC is my choice.....
Want to try? Just click vlc player download and download it.

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