Happy 100th Posting

This is the 100th post
So excited to write
Actually I want this 100th post is special
And trying to find a unique topic since it's special post
But then I realized, it doesn't need to be the special and unique post to celebrate it
The most important is the sincerity (and simplicity)
So, let this 100th post is as simple as it can
(even though maybe writing in English will not make it too simple, huh??? *blink*)
Still I consider this one as a sincere post
Without any tendency
Without any commercial
Just want to write and express how HAPPY I am
Just want to share how excited I am

So, I want to say to my self one more time:


ups...almost forgot, the picture (and almost all pictures in my blow) is taken from www.gettyimages.com

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yang mau komen, monggo, silahkan....tidak dipungut bayaran