Love It

I always love words and quotations.
So. I'm so excited when I found this website which is full of quotations
And the best part is it also has pictures in it.
Thanks to this blog, that I can found this website.
Quote anyone?
Just visit it.
This is one of the quote (with picture) that you can found here.


Where to go???

Where to go?
That's the question that always in my mind lately
Got confused about where I should go, where should I be.
It's kinda dilemma
Have you ever been in this kind of situation?
Being confused when people ask you the question: "What do you want? Which one do you prefer? Being in ....[name of city/place] or .......[name of city/place]?
Well...it happened to me
I think I have to really take time to think about where should I take my life to....

note: sekali lagi, gambarnya ambil dari sini