Lesson Learned

I used to believe that we have to treat others as we want to be treated
And if we already treat others well, we will be treated well too
Unfortunately, today I learned different thing
Sometime, even though we already treat other well, we can't be treated well also
People can be so selfish and they will not considerate others need and feeling
And if that happen, we cannot do anything
It's their right to be like that
We cannot expect all person to treat us well
And the most important lesson I've learned (again) is that we cannot count on human
We will be disappointed if we do so
All we can do is count on God
Because human is not perfect
They make mistakes
They hurt others' feeling
Perfection is belong to God

*note: And because I'm a human too, I'm not perfect also and I never try to be perfect.
Maybe sometime I tried too hard to make everybody happy and it will failed
because that's impossible.
You cannot make everybody happy.

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