Can I... ???

Just for this time.... (or maybe another time when I do need it desperately)
Can I just whining without being judged?
Can I complain about everything ( Yes, I do mean EVERYTHING) that happened today, without being given any advice?
Can I?
Can I?
Can I?

I just feel soooooo tired
Always being positive and trying to find the silver lining after the hard rain seems to be very difficult nowadays
I'm just a human
I need to complain
I need to whining

It doesn't mean I don't feel grateful with my life
(Working) life just seems so hard lately

I'm a fish
But I have to life on the land
I'm starting to loose the air and I'm run out of oxygen
I need to go back to the water
But I can't
I'm trapped here

*curcol (agak) gak penting yang dibuat untuk sekedar menjaga "kewarasan" saya....

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yang mau komen, monggo, silahkan....tidak dipungut bayaran