Nyoba bikin KOMIK


"The turtle who wants to be PURPLE"

There was a turtle named Titi. Titi likes purple very much. That's why he doesn't like his body because it's green. One day, he had an idea how to make his body become turtle. He took a paint and a paintbrush and then he painted his body into purple. He was very happy because he had a purple body. But, suddenly there came the heavy rain. Titi's body became green again. Hiks...hikss... he was so sad. Roger Rabbit saw Titi was crying. He asked Titi what happened. Then, Titi told everything that had happen. After that, Roger Rabbit told Titi not to be sad. God has created him special and unique with his green colour. So, he has to be grateful for that. Titi understand now, and he is not sad anymore. Since that time, he likes all colour and being proud with himself.

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  1. ya ya ya....
    yg begini bagus lo.. cocok buat membentuk sosialitas anak-anak... :D


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