Addicted to Purple

They call me Miss Purple
It’s simply because I like purple (much) and most of my stuffs (clothes, bag, shoes, and stationeries) are purple.
I dream to have a purple room in my house
It will be filled with my books collection and decorated with my purple stuffs.
Another dream is to have a purple car with a yellow line.
Combined with my other addiction of turtle, on the yellow line, there will be many small turtles lining up and it will be end up with a picture of big turtle on the back part of the car.

I don’t remember exactly when did this addiction began
One of my friend said that I should be more colourful
Well…. I have to admit that my life is filled with purple
When I looked into my closet, I saw a lot of purple clothes
Purple T-shirts, purple shirts, purple cardigans, purple trousers, and more purple stuffs were in it.
My other friend said, purple is the colour for widow.
Well, it’s your opinion friend….

Lately I tried to do my friend’s suggestion
Making my life more colourful
So, when I went to Mangga Dua and found a pair of nice sandals, instead of choosing the purple one, I picked the yellow one.
Hm…first step done

But a few days later, when I went to Puri Mall and need to buy a shirt, I came back again in choosing the purple one
Well, I have to admit that purple will always be in my heart
And I think I’m not ready to be more colourful
For me, as long as it didn’t hurt the others, why not?
So……PURPLE FOREVER……Viva Purple…

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