I Miss It !!!

Yup, I definetely miss it.
What do i mean with "IT" ?
"IT" is an activity that I used to do everyday (except on Sunday, off course)
"IT" is a five letter word
"IT" starts with T and ends with H
So,can you guess it?
I do miss it very much
Especially because now I'm involved in a project that makes me have to observe many teachers.
I have to observe 23 kindergarten teachers
It means I have to "see" 23 (or more) class activity
It also means that I have to "watch" 23 x more than 32 cute sweet little children
And it do makes me want to teach again
I miss the time when I can interact with them
I miss the time when I can do something for them
At least now I still have one class eventhough it only has 6 students
Better than not having at all
And at least because I get involved with this project I have more opportunity to see many children
It's so ......................

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