A View about Intelligence

            Intelligence is a person’s natural ability on doing something compared to what common people can do. When I think about highly intelligent persons, I came up with several names. 
           The first one is Steve Jobs. I think many people in States are very familiar with him. He created many high-tech products that are very useful for other people; one of them is the famous iPhone. He has the ability to think out of the box which is not many people can do that. I think Jobs is one of many creative and highly intelligent persons in the world. 
          Another name is Oprah Winfrey. She can be categorized as an intelligent people. Her shows are always encouraging and inspiring. The way she speaks and delivers her message is amazing, and many people feel inspired while they were watching her shows. She knows how to deliver her messages and inspire her audience. There are not many people who can inspire others in such a good way; therefore Oprah can be categorized as an intelligent people. 
          Last but not least, Ludwig van Beethoven also fit to the intelligent person category. He was almost totally deaf but he had produced lots of beautiful classical music composition in her life. He has the natural ability to work with his instinct and skills then came out with many great music compositions. That is surely a thing which mediocre people cannot do. 
         Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and Beethoven are so different yet have one thing in common. Steve Jobs must be a person who is good at math because he creates a lot of technological stuffs. Oprah must be a person who is good at language because she knows the way to speak and encourage people, while Beethoven absolutely is very talented and good at musical area because he can compose music even though he did not have his hearing. Despite their differences, these people have one thing in common. All of them do something beyond mediocre people. They have the natural ability to do something that cannot be done by average people, and they do their best to use their skills to come out with outstanding results compared with other people.

Submitted for Skyline College ESOL 400 writting assignment #1

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