Future Steel Building

This time I will write about something that I never wrote before.

If you already check my profile, you will know that I graduated from a civil engineering department

Before I decided to change my direction from construction world to the education world, 

I had a chance to work in a contractor company

A steel company.

Thanks God, I successfuly built one ware house (even though it's not too big) and one factory

Well, let's go back to this entry title

I will write about something that related closely to my civil engineering background


It's about Steel Building

For exact, Future Steel Buildings

Before I continue, klik this link first and watch the video.


How was the video?

Amazing, right?

Steel building is easy to construct

You can save your time

Different from wood construction, which need more time to do, steel construction need less time

It also lasting long

For your future, just choose steel building....

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