So Little Time So Much to DO

Lately, that sentence is representing me much.
So many things to do while I only have not much time.
My working place will held a competition early in next month
So, now we are "crazy" in preparing all thing.
With only 3 members (officially), one person have to do many things
Making the brochure, distribute it, calling and follow up the school, preparing the performance, and so many other things.
Meanwhile, my M.Ed is not stopping. I still have to read one chapter, make a reflection and off course submit the informed response (assignment) every week.
Not only that, the weather is so not cooperate.
It has been so very HOT now and off course it makes me more sweat and as the consequence I have more laundry to do than before.
Hopefully this weather will get better.
Can't wait for the rain [but not the electricity off :(]

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