Yesterday, Tomorrow, TODAY

There was a time when I feel tired
There was a time when I just wanted to stop
There was a time when I think it's enough
This is the time to start and move on
This is the time that I have to get up

The past cannot be changed
So don't regret it
It's a history
It's a memory
Make it a good lesson that given by life to us

The future cannot be totally 100% predict
So don't give much effort to know it
It's a mystery
It's GOD's plan
Always believe that He plans the best story for us

TODAY is our time
NOW is the right time
It's a gift from God
Start our step from now

Be grateful for everything He gave
Be thankful for everything happened in our life
Be trustful for everything He planned for us
Do our very best
Live our life to the fullest

Have a GREAT day and enjoy your life....


  1. senantiasa bersyukur ya mbak hehehe~
    iya, pic artis koreanya lagi disimpen dulu xD
    template yg waktu itu kacau balau xDD

  2. @Clara: yup, betul...life is a gift, right? hehehehe...pantesan koq tampilan 'rumahnya' jadi beda banget...wkwkwkkwkwk


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