Another WRITE and WIN

The contest is coming again.
Write and win!!!!
The topic this time is very easy and close to our every day life.
It's about an organized or messy desk, just like what it said in this page.
Which one is your option?
What kind of desk do you have?
Do you feel comfortable with your (working) desk?
Well, don't just keep it for your self.
Share it with others.
Not only you will have a chance to win a prize (to know what is the prize, just visit this page: http://www.office1000.com/contest/Organized-or-Messy-Desk.html or simply click HERE)
Still thinking what to write?
Don't need to think.
Just write anything in your mind.
You can simply start with what kind of desk do you have.
The organized one or the messy one.
Then, you can tell about what do you do every day at your desk.
After that maybe do you satisfy with your desk condition.
Or actually you want an organized desk (if your desk is messy) but you don't know how to make it organized.
And so on.
A picture will also help.
Easy right?
As easy as count one two three.
Just visit the page.
Click HERE.


  1. I have a messy desk, I can't say, it's comfortable or not coz if someone clean my desk up, I will lose something.

  2. met wiken, ada lomba lho http://just-fatamorgana.blogspot.com/2010/04/hibah-novel-menyambut-postingan-ke-1000.html

  3. hallo...salam kenal...kunjungi blog ku ya..happy blogging


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