That Strange Feeling

What is that feeling?
It's a strange feeling
It makes you smile
It makes you laugh
It also makes you cry at the same time
It makes you can't sleep
But it also makes you sleep tight with a sweet dream

It's strange
Yes, it's strange indeed

Your mouth says you're fine
But deep in your heart you are NOT fine
Your brain says it's the right time to let go and start a new life
But your heart says it's easy to say but DIFFICULT to do

That strange feeling will always occur
And it's not enough that you have to feel it everyday
The world seems doesn't want to cooperate
The memory can't be easily forgotten
All things reminds you to that one specific person
Suddenly all songs seems so you
You cannot run from that feeling
That strange feeling you called L.O.V.e

Even though you say it's enough
There's no place in your heart for that strange feeling
But you have to admit
There always be a place in it
Even though it's a tiny little place
But your heart will always keep that feeling
That strange feeling you called L.O.V.e


  1. cinta itu selalu bikin aneh ya, mbak...hihihi...

  2. yup, kalo gak aneh bukan cinta namanya.....hehehehe....


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