Laskar Pelangi : The Movie

Well, last Kickandy show was make me so happy and excited.
The guest stars are those who act in Laskar Pelangi [The Movie]
Since I'm so very adore n like to read the Tetralogi of Laskar Pelangi [for further information about it, read my review in friendster], this movie has been a must be seen movie for me.
I've heard that Miles Production will make the movie and I'm waiting when will the process finish and it will be released.
Well again, I don't have to wait too long.
Laskar Pelangi : The Movie(he..he..I give my own title for it] will be in cinema this September 24th (or 25th ya...kinda forget.... :)
And I have to make sure that I will watch it.
For you who haven't read the book....."ke mana aja.....???"

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