Put Things on Its Place

Put things on its place
that is one thing that i think hard to do for most of all (me too, off course)
i just realized it today
when me and my colleagues at my new office were doing the "clean up" work
so, we try to tidy up our office, sort many documents, and put every things on its place
then i remember with my own bedroom
usually after doing the clean up work, one week latter it will be a mesh again
i think it's because i don't put everything on its place
and i think it happen to now in my office
even my colleagues admit it
that's why, from now on we commit to force our self to be more neat than before
and it will be start by put everything on its own place
because it does help us
and it save our time when we want to find anything or do anything
well organized
that is the key word

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