Totally Busy or Have Nothing to Do: Choose One

Latety I've become so very busy
Job's load were increasing
More responsibility given to me
Sometime I'm thinking that it will be very nice if I can just do nothing and 'enjoying' my day
But then....
I remembered when I had chicken pock (it happened when I already work and that made me have to stay at home for a week, doing nothing...)
It was so stressful
First day I was very happy
Wow...I can just stay at home, doing nothing
But then on the next day, it become so boring
That made me realize
I think if I have to choose between becoming totally busy or have nothing to do, I definitely will choose the first option
By having a lot of things to do, we can improve ourself
Having no activity will make us die fast (I think...correct me if I'm wrong...LOL)
So guys...
ENJOY your life, find many things to do and explore your talent...

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