Mission Accomplished

Mission accomplished.
First mission, I mean, since there will be many missions to come.
Finally, I submitted my Literature Review
(Thanks to my sister, Ing2, and her boyfriend, Glenn, who have helped my with the grammatical things, cannot do it without you guys...)
After struggling with APA style, late nite sleeping, and the most important is fighting with the moody condition, the result was so good (in my opinion off course, need to be proud with your own work, right?)
The satisfaction I got after sending the assigment is cannot be described into words
I just felt like a child who got a teddy bear for the first time
But it's more than that feeling.
It was just so gooooooooooooooooood............
It's awesome...
I cannot wait to continue it and having my thesis finished.
Watching the smile of my dad and my mom in my graduation day
Listen to the 'proud' tone of my dad when he told his friends about me...
Sound like I'm thinking to far, huh???
The most important thing of all is that I HAVE TO KEEP ON FIGHTING.......
Finished the thesis on time....
Wish me luck and pray for me, guys....

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